Here’s a behind the scenes peek at how I get started working with people…

Specifically to help them discover their inner-meditator, meditate regularly {in a way that fits in with their life} and unlock all the power & beauty that journey makes possible…


I have this amazing one to one programme, Mindfulness Essentials that teaches you how to bring an empowering style of meditation into your precious, unique life so you can be more present, more you & less inclined to habits that stress you out….
in just 5 personalised session.

It’s pretty kick ass & I love teaching it.

Here’s what clients say:

Yeah, I’m really proud of it.

And here’s how it begins….

It begins with you.

Something stirs you to take a step.

Perhaps there’s a little voice with a desire for change that isn’t going away {even though the “logical” mind keeps throwing up obstacles}, perhaps a change is being imposed on you by external circumstances ~ maybe it’s both external & internal.

But it’s there…
with a feeling that knows looking after your wellbeing will not only offset stress, but also help you rise to life’s challenges…

And the desire to learn is there…
to at least explore doing something meaningful about it ~ and you know of this Meredith Gunderson character, she seems pretty authentic, says stuff that speaks to you or you have a friend or colleague that swears by her…

So you take a step.

You book a phone chat with me.
You click a link and it’s actually really quick & easy to find a convenient time {and in your timezone because my booking system is smart like that & even though I’m in London, I’m use to working with people throughout the world}.
Takes less than a minute.

They you get a friendly email from me with a link to a v short Q&A.
{There’s absolutely no pressure to complete it ~ totally OK if you don’t, it just gives us a bit of a jump to make the most of our 20 minutes if you do.}

Then, I call you.

{You will have received an automated confirmation with option to reschedule should you need to, because I get that stuff, life happens.}

At the start of the call ~
I lead you in a super short meditation ~ just a few breaths to release the day thus far and create space for why we are here.

Then, an open, honest conversation.

Most essentially, we discuss where you are at the moment, how you feel, how you want to feel.  How a meditation practice can address this.  What outcomes are possible for you.

{I reassure you that you don’t have to meditate for a half hour every day in lotus position to get amazing results.  I know A LOT of tricks for fitting in meditation no matter what kind of day you are having!}

I can tell you about the data,
the heaps of scientific research around sustained meditation.
I can tell you about typical outcomes & results & shifts clients have,
how meditation actually changes the brain,
the course outline,
how I’ve been doing it for over 20 years
& practical stuff like the package, dates and times….
but by this time your gut is telling you if it’s right for you.

And it’s totally up to you what happens next.

There’s absolutely no pressure.

I provide clear simple steps to get started if that’s what you want
& when we do it’s everything past clients say ~
“empowering”, “life-changing”, “transformative”, “amazing”, “freeing”

There’s a structure that tried & tested
it’s personalised.

It’s tailored to your life…to you.

This is not a one size fits all…

This is ancient wisdom + modern science and research data made applicable to your modern life & your desired results.

And it begins with you.

You take a step.

If you are ready to take this step for yourself…click HERE to access my booking system, find a time & see where it goes.  I would love to hear from you!

As ever,
Love & light,

If you want to read a bit more about my Mindfulness Essentials Programme as well as more testimonials go HERE.


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