If you struggle with patience, it’s time to give patience a make-over because patience is actually pretty damn hot.

Patience has been a struggle for me for as long as I can remember, stymied by a toxic mix of dyslexia & perfectionism ~ I found, especially at school, that things either came very, very easily to me or were a total nightmare of frustration & confusion.

However, my very strong will and desire do what I want no matter how odd or unconventional it may seem to others, led me into many, many learning curves and much unknown territory. Throughout these experiences (and thanks to awareness courtesy of meditation practice), I recognised that impatience can put a real, REAL dark cloud over these growth situations. What I share in this short piece is how I have ultimately evolved my relationship with patience over the years and essentially given patience a make-over.

This mindset shift has changed SO MUCH for me (when I remember to practice it…I’m not immune to lapses!).

Patience has transformed from a dull pain in the ass to something I can actually deeply enjoy. No joke…patience can be enjoyed.

Let’s dig in, and I will keep it short!

Consider a spectrum, at one end is impatience. We know how this feels. When we are impatient, we are in a state of resistance — basically things aren’t going our way and this is triggering irritation. There’s stress, there’s tension. We begin to worry, which can lead to over-tweaking and actually creating more work for ourselves in the long run. There’s this distinct lack of trust, lack of faith, lack of confidence and lack of peace peace at the core of impatience.

As well…think about when someone tells you to “be patient”. Often that can come across as a bit patronising because they are really asking of us is to WAIT {whilst subtly suggesting you are patient deficient}. And waiting is pretty unfun…it’s like being in a suspended state of animation. Sort of powerless, boring, stuck, frustrating, uninspiring.

But that’s NOT patience, that waiting. And waiting does suck. Just ask Dr. Seuss…“a most useless place. The Waiting Place…NO! That’s not for you!”

First, let’s not mistake patience for idly waiting.

Slide waaaaay along the spectrum away from impatience which is full of resistance, into waiting which is boring and move further still into real patience.

A place where we smell our favourite meal cooking and know damn well not to eat it before it’s ready. Not to open the oven and shove a bit of it in our mouths both burning ourselves and eating something not entirely cooked ~ so we instead we smell, we set the table, maybe light a candle, anticipate savouring the meal and then, it’s ready.

That’s real beautiful patience and we are ALL capable of it.

Real beautiful patience is a dynamic, courageous act…

Patience is beautifully preparing yourself to receive.
She’s stamina for your vision.
She’s faith in your choices.
Patience is faaaaaar more gorgeous and sexy that waiting.
She’s knowing that even if a “mistake” was made, you have all you need to adapt and learn from your experiences.
Patience is willingness to wisely watch and see how it goes.
Patience is an open-minded keen observer of all that is contained in the present moment.
Patience is knowing that being a control freak just leads to the ugly cry.
Patience honours and aids your creative process.
Patience has a knowing intelligence, she is a little sacred crack in your busy-ness where intuition can be felt.
Patience slays worry.
Patience smells that delicious something cooking, and knows it’s hers.
Patience doesn’t play with exhausting fretting, over-tweaking and self-sabotage.
Patience has a steady stream of stamina.
Patience is bold & confident.
Patience is magnetises interesting outcomes.
Patience creates spaciousness.
Patience accepts the missteps or letdowns and coolly considers.
Patience learns.
Patience is aware.
Patience doesn’t waste your precious energy.
Patience will surprise you.

Patience is a bad ass bitch & we want her on our side.

Create a relationship with patience by bringing clarity to your intentions.

Patience loves it when you take a moment to appreciate all you already have within and among you as you call in whatever you are ready for next.

Patience can really show up for you when you take aligned actions from a centred space, rather than a worry place.

Patience gets on very well with awareness (hello meditation) and those who work on being fully present.

So what would your day, your life look like with this kind of patience?

What would you do more of?

What would you do less of?

What would disappear?

What would appear?

Here’s to playing with the patience within and the places you will go!

Love & light,

There’s much to explore here like, for instance, what triggers our impatience in the first place or recognising impatience is just a habit and as such, can be shifted~ these are common challenges I help my clients overcome. If you would like to know more about personalised one to one sessions I offer please book in a free 20 minute exploratory chat HERE.

I had to be patient with myself once I realised I published this piece with a bunch of type-os and entire sections I thought I had edited, but didn’t! Fixed it though! Life is always giving us more opportunities to master our lessons!

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