Inner peace, inner calm, inner wisdom…it’s all in there, but sometimes we need tools to reconnect.  That’s what you get with Meditation Masterclass ~ timeless, proven tools & techniques suited to our busy lives ~ delivered in a conversational & friendly style.

Meditation Masterclass is all about empowering you with tools.  Tools that work and tools that work with busy, modern lives.  Realistic stuff you can pull into daily life.

I designed a signature course with 5 sessions to address two things:

ONE: meditation know-how, like how to actually do it so you are confident with various techniques

TWO: essential mindsets & perspectives for living a life in which you are fully present & empowered.  Not perfect, present & empowered.

How Meditation Masterclass works:

Its’s easy!  I’m not into excess bumpf so I created something simple but highly effective based on over 20 years of personal meditation experience and teaching others since 2014.

Go HERE, click the button ‘I want this’ to purchase and you will get instant access to 6 audio recordings.

That’s one short intro (less than 4 minutes) about how to get the most of the course and your 5 sessions (they are all less than 50 minutes long).

You can binge listen to them, but I recommend booking a time in your diary ~ an hour each week to listen, then just do the homework I assign ~ which takes 2-15 minutes per day.  A journal and a pen is helpful too. 

Enjoy the journey!  The effects of meditation will start from the first session. 

The primary gain you get from Meditation Masterclass is re-centering.

Getting back to you.
Meditation itself doesn’t solve life’s challenges, you do.  But it’s through meditation, a practice of being fully present and open to other perspectives, that you arrive at intelligent solutions with much more ease and grace.

Meditation empowers us. 

We become less reactive and more responsive,
less anxious and more appreciative,
less controlling and more inspired,
less scattered and more clear,
less fearful and more peaceful.

By being fully present to ourselves and others, we enrich our relationships.

By being fully present to the experiences unfolding in our lives, we enrich our learning.

By being fully present during the ups and the downs of life, we enrich our compassion and resilience.

What past students say:

“Recommended to anyone who has a busy, hectic life.  To regain control, calm, balance, clarity and joy in everyday life.”

“I enjoyed the sense of peace and calm after each session, even after the first…plenty of food for thought…deeply relaxing.”

“Meredith’s sessions have been transformative…and this is from a former cynic.”

“I now feel calmer, less reactive, more aware of the moment & less inclined to feel guilty.”

“Meredith’s calmness, knowledge and brilliant teaching style is empowering.”

The curriculum covers the following and more:

Each session begins with a guided meditation, tips on daily practice, a few reflective questions & lessons drawn from both ancient wisdom and modern science.

Session 1:
The power of your presence, your kindness & clear intentions

Session 2:
Why knowing ‘thoughts aren’t facts’ will help you shut down your stress response.  What the stress response is, how it works and how to disrupt it.

Session 3:
Why compassion and connection are the keys to a happy & satisfied life.  Why understanding the biology of habits will help you shift the ones you no longer want.  How to remove common blocks to positive change.

Session 4:
Why understanding the mind body link will free your body and your mind.  Getting under the hood of overwhelm to drain its power.

Session 5:
From striving to thriving and maintaining heathy boundaries.

Any questions? 
Put them in the comments below.


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