What is Vitamin P?  Why you need it & how to get your daily dose.  {spoiler: P is for pleasure & it will boost your productivity}

What is Vitamin P? Why you need it & how to get your daily dose. {spoiler: P is for pleasure & it will boost your productivity}

Vitamin P is the all important vitamin pleasure.

It’s so, so powerful, with benefits that are often underestimated becasue pleasure is seen as not as important or not a priority when weighed up against other “adulting” priorities and to-do list items….and this is such a mistake.

I really want to totally turn this on it’s head for you because pleasure is like rocket fuel – for realz. So here are two real life, everyday scenarios that begin identically but one has zero vitamin p and the other is totally saturated in it…hopefully by the end, you will recognise the amazing value choosing pleasure brings.

Scenario 1

Wake up and immediately fret about the day ahead.

Schlep myself heavily to the bathroom to, as quickly as I can, make myself somewhat presentable noticing and judging imperfections in the mirror while rolling over in my mind all the challenges that lie ahead – tricky builders, demands from the school, the fact that I still haven’t replaced my watch battery, so what kind of adult am I really? etc. etc. I mindlessly put on an outfit forgetting the tag in the trousers drive me mad.

Heading downstairs I’m distracted by thought loops so forget to take my phone, glasses and notebook. Again, distracted by thoughts and worrying I won’t get everything done, I make myself a not so healthy but easy breakfast while thinking I must text a builder about something, but I can’t find my phone and get grumpy about it, scan the kitchen and downstairs and then head upstairs. Thought loops ensue about always losing my phone, which turn into thought loops about how tired I am which turn into thought loops about remembering to order those new sheets, I thought I saw a sale on with The French Bedroom Company.

I then find myself standing in my bedroom and have no idea why I am there so with a bewildered, dumbish look on my face and some growing impatience as I try to remember why I came upstairs in the first place…tick tock…so I wander around the room asking “why am I here” which nearly prompts a mini existential wobble until I spot my phone and remember, then rush downstairs to get the coffee, running into my child on the way smiling a good morning (which comes across a bit inauthentic because it’s rushed) and sort of grumpily urge her to hurry up.

Back in the kitchen, I prep and quickly drink coffee and pull out my diary, realising I can’t read it because I don’t have my glasses…feeling a little desperate about wanting to check it because I feel like I’m forgetting something but my child is at the door ready for me to walk her to the tube, I see I forgot to take my vitamins & promise myself to remember later but also sort of suggest to myself that I will probably forget…

I’m a bit of a hot mess and have in a very short time repeatedly undermined my ability to “adult” and made some pretty yucky health choices…

While bending over to put on my shoes, I am reminded of the itchy tag in my trousers and leave the house without my notebook or glasses. My daughter asks me for £1 for some school charity thing, I sigh and rant about school charity things and having too much to do…

It’s now 7:30am.

Scenario 2

Wake up and immediately fret about the day ahead.

Then I remind myself that I must take my “vitamin p” first thing in the morning and that fretting is just a habit, not something I need to buy into & continue.

So for me (everyone is different & anything goes) my first vitamin p is looking out the window at the trees, light, sky and birds for five rounds of breath to welcome the day and give thanks.

Afterwards, I feel centred, nourished & fully present just for doing this simple practice moments after waking. And despite my first thoughts not being totally positive or helpful, I made the choice to take some vitamin p and this makes all the difference….

Then I remind myself that appreciating the other bits of vitamin p coming my way this morning is part of vitamin p practice and I feel good for the momentum I have created…

With appreciation on the brain I go on to ~ appreciate my face cream, the smell is so good. I appreciate my parfum, my make-up, my clothes, my linen towels, that happy fern in my bathroom ~ all things I have specially selected to have in my life because I like them. (all vitamin p!) I allow myself to enjoy them, to be present with them.

I feel good about the upcoming day because I am centred and feeling nourished, I visualise the day ahead in a positive light and grab my phone, glasses and notebook and head to the kitchen to make myself a healthy smoothie.

I enjoy my smoothie, I savour it with some apple slices which I remember to chew 20 times each bite for great digestion…this creates so much more vitamin p…I take my vitamins and probiotics that are helping me so much & make me feel cared for, I use my new beautiful Ayurvedic copper cup….more vitamin p…

My daughter comes into the kitchen and I give her a big hug…we have been doing 21 second hugs because of some study about cortisol kick in after 21 seconds…mmmmm….soooooo much vitamin p.

We have time to chat (more vitamin p) while I make myself some yerba mate tea since it’s better for me than coffee….

We realise we are running early and I have time to drop some stuff off at the drycleaners so grab it and happily leave the house with everything I need enjoying the time with my daughter on her way to school.

It’s now 7:25am.

Big difference, right?

And notice the vitmin p infused morning actually runs quicker, I actually get more done. This is no fiction. I have lived both of these mornings. Setting yourself up first with vitamin p makes a huuuuuuge difference, whether it’s right in the morning or just before a meeting or whatever – whenever you choose some vitamin p, what comes next comes better.

We often don’t think we “have time” for pleasure and we are only allowed it after we have done some sort of super-human workload – I am calling bullshit on that myth. It’s the opposite.

I have seen in my life and in the lives of my clients time and time and time again…when we fill our cup first, life flows in an entirely different way. More satisfying, more enjoyable….more pleasure and as you can see from the example, pleasure begets more pleasure.

So here are some key tips to getting your vitamin p:

  • Do NOT put off pleasure. Prioritise pleasure.
  • Do NOT underestimate the power of pleasure to keep you in a space where you are most effective, where life is most enjoyable and you feel most satisfied ~ Pleasure is fuel.
  • Know when pleasure it present…it’s easy to forget how much you love something that is a part of daily life…like a favourite mug or really, really great towel…enjoy the pleasure that you have already set up for yourself…really let it land within. Don’t let thought loops about the past and future cause you to miss all the pleasure that’s right there for you. Be present to pleasures that are already there in the present moment.

And here’s a little something you can do for yourself right now:

  • Call to mind what brings you pleasure…the full spectrum, from a favourite vase or t-shirt, a loved ones smile to outrageously luxurious travel or watching reality tv…whatever it is, own & know what is vitamin p for you.
  • Then look around in your current environment and do some pleasure spotting…it could be the shoes you are wearing, a piece of jewellery, time to read or a nearby view or piece of furniture. Take a moment to allow the pleasure in.
  • Choose something you can do upon waking like a few rounds of breath or essential oils in your shower or reading a poem…now try it for a few days and experience the momentum of pleasure…what do you have to lose? Little intentional choices can make a massive difference.

Get your vitamin P my friend.
You are the only person who can do this for you
…and you know what to do.

I would love to hear if you recognise that you put off pleasure. And are willing to try to do things a bit differently? Please leave any comments below & be sure to join the list for more honest insights {I’m not an inbox irritant, only send about one email a week, if that.}

If you need some tools to help you reconnect with your centre and your vitamin P it might be time to get a regular meditation practice going ~ a great place to start is Meditation Masterclass, enjoyable self-study, check it out here.


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