We have been taught to ignore our intuition. How to fix this.

We have been taught to ignore our intuition. How to fix this.

Were you ever taught about your intuition?  Like beyond, just a ‘go with your gut’ or ‘when you know you know’ comment?  Most of us weren’t…

Yet, consider how dang much we are taught about logical thinking, measuring things, quantifying & qualifying, reasoning things out, memorisation & regurgitation of facts, details, proper sequencing, cold analytics, structured planning, rules like spelling & grammar….

That stuff absolutely dominates not only the vast majority of our educational experience, but also our daily life – and it is all left brain functionality, or the ‘servant’ rational mind, as Einstein puts it.

Meanwhile the right brain functions include creativity, recognition of patterns, lateral thinking, musical abilities, connection, imagination and your intuition.  

I agree with Einstein.
Our culture has really doubled down on the left brain stuff and we are left with an imbalance.  A costly one.

Left and right need to work together, they offset & compliment each other.  However, when we are heavily loading the left brain we not only get mentally burnt out, the right brain suffers by not being used.  The old mantra of – use it or lose it comes into play.

So we can be in a space where the left brain is being used too much & we feel mentally exhausted, over-whelmed & uninspired.  Yet we charge on because we don’t what else to do and the last thing we want is let others down.  It can become a vicious cycle.  {A vicious cycle so many people experience that it has become normalised.} Meanwhile, the creative thinking component that can save us time and help us see new possibilities is getting weaker.  We aren’t tuned into exactly what we need.

I’ve been there.

The good news is, the answer to this imbalance is to spend a bit more time with the right brain and to help the left brain chill the f out more.  Like even a teeny tiny bit of time with the left brain will help…it’s cumulative.  And even though the ‘logical mind’ {which the ego loves to (mis)use incidentally & can be a total control freak} is poo-pooing time spent with right brain activities, eventually it fights less and less and feels better and better.

At first these small shifts will just release some pressure and relax you for a moment.  Then as you invest a bit more intentional time, you will feel clearer, the balance begins to shift and you become more centred.  Ultimately you will be back in touch with your intuition, your knowing, your dreaming, your creativity and you will know how to act on these ‘knowings’.  You won’t do this perfectly in every moment of your day, but you know how what to do when you go off the rails.

Here are a few quick & simple ways to begin to address this rebalancing & connect with the more intuitive side of you:

> don’t be surprised if your left brain thinks this is a stupid waste of time, you have to ignore that, it can be a tyrant.

Play some music.  Go deeper into it by dancing or close your eyes to really listen in, imagine ‘seeing’ the music, it’s patterns, colours, place….just one song is a great start.

Do some journaling.  Even 5 minutes will make a difference.
No rules – grammar and spelling don’t matter, doodle if you want, circle words, whatever.

You can use one of these journalling prompts:
~ What colour(s) do I feel right now?
~ Describe in detail your perfect escape garden.
~ Have a conversation with an intriguing historical figure, ask them anything, what do they say?  Just go with your imagination.
~ Write out a really great & deeply satisfying day for you.
~ Make a list of things that make you smile and why.

Sit in meditation.  {or if it sounds easier, just sit quietly} Again, 5 minutes or even 3, or even 1 (!)  is a great start – seriously, one minute counts and works.  Ignore the left brain telling you it’s a waste of time.  Just sit and watch the breath.  Or light a candle and gaze at it.  If you don’t have a meditation practice, this is a short guided one which is ideal for this.

Take a deep breath (or a few) and ask yourself how you feel about something.  Choose anything – could be what you are eating, a work project, a relationship dynamic, the tree outside your window.  Just gently dig into the feelings around it, ask what you are noticing.  The key is to get into a feeling space rather than a logic-it-out space.  Use feeling as information.  Ask questions like, does this make me feel expansive or contracted?  Light or heavy?  Notice.  Notice any bodily sensations that arise.

There are a bazillion other ways to work this muscle of rebalancing.  I’m just skimming the surface here and haven’t even gone into how you use this information to inform action which is an essential part!  But these little tips are great first steps.

I have a deep belief around this stuff….
We need more activated intuitions in the world for creative solutions, compassion & an overall deeper intelligence showing up and creating impact ~ from how we raise our families in the day to day to how we address climate change ~ from the minutiae to the macro, intuition and balance will save us time & empower us…but it has to be engaged with in order to do so.

All is within.
Connect with it.

Here’s to connecting with that wise, sacred and unique space within you and all the good that flows from doing so…


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