Three Truths The Coronavirus is Shedding Light on Now

Three Truths The Coronavirus is Shedding Light on Now

Three Universal & Eternal Truths the Coronavirus is bringing to light:

1.  We are all connected.

2.  There are things we can’t control.

3.  Taking care of ourselves is taking care of others.  

Humans across the globe are having a collective experience right now with this coronavirus.  It’s an odd moment here on Mother Earth as we watch the unfolding, the news, the reactions, the projections & predictions, the excessive toilet paper buying {hashtag don’t get it} and also as we watch ourselves properly doing a very good job of washing our hands and trying not to itch our faces.

And many, quite logically, feel this is something we can absolutely get through, no need to panic – and I agree.  BUT this is also a disruptor on a global scale and that is something.  Something to notice and something to learn from.  There’s insight here, there’s always, always more than just logic at work.

There are emotions.
There are beliefs.
There are behaviours that stem from them.
{And there is the Earth and how we occupy her, the nature of our relationship with her, all she holds and all that she creates…}

We can choose to reflect at times like this.

Let’s look at these three truths and their implications….

take 3 deep breaths now to recentre and release any of the collective anxiety you are carrying around.

1.  We are all connected

We affect each other.  Everything you do matters.  It makes no difference if you have a platform of millions or of one, what you do & how you show up impacts others.  

2.  There are things we can’t control.

Trying to control what is not within our control is never a good look.

There’s A LOT going on in every moment that’s entirely beyond our control.  What we do have control over is our responses, our choices, our behaviour.  That’s about it.  We may have a desired outcome in our minds so we take steps that align with those, but almost never will these things unfold exactly to plan – that’s normal for life on Earth.

The Serenity prayer comes to mind:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

As does a favourite quote from Viktor Frankl:
Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Panic, for instance, is a great example of “doing something” to create an illusion of control.  {As long as I have tons of toilet paper, I’m safe.  WTF, honestly???}

3.  Taking care of ourselves is taking care of others.

The coronavirus is similar to the airplane oxygen mask analogy except a bit starker.  And oh boy, it has SO MUCH going for it metaphorically.

Look after yourself
Look after yourself.

Start there.
Start there and you will already be in a space of service to others.

This is the beginning point of the highest service you can provide for you community.  To be in a space where you are not spreading yuck, but rather spreading your gifts, your joy, your presence, your care.

Dear reader, I am wishing you holistic wellbeing in body, mind & soul during this and at all times.  This does not mean perfection at all times, but rather full presence to what is and how you interact with the circumstance of the moment.

Meredith x

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  1. Lisa PAULEY says:

    I just love you M ?♥️??

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