{Listen} The Best Meditation Technique for Overwhelmed, Busy Minds

{Listen} The Best Meditation Technique for Overwhelmed, Busy Minds

Try this to calm overwhelm.

Sometimes we know we badly need to re-centre and get still, yet closing our eyes and going inwards just creates an uncomfortable close up experience of a very busy, overwhelmed mind with thoughts wizzing around and seemingly impossible to control.

That’s not fun.

But it is common, so don’t worry about it and, most importantly ~ don’t let it put you off of doing a bit of meditation, you just need a technique that creates a bit more spaciousness from the start.

Try this, it works a treat:

Mindful listening.
Here’s a short guided mindful listening meditation that will take you through a meditation and teach you the technique. As well, I have outlined below some basic instructions for a mindful listening practice.

Want a longer one?
Here you go:

Mindful listening meditation basic know-how:

Instead of listening inwards, listen to the world.
You can do this anywhere, anytime.
Listen to the sounds around you.
Listen to them rise and fall, notice the pitch, volume, length and tone of different sounds.
Listen left….listen right….listen behind….listen in front….listen above….listen below….
See how far away you can send your listening.
Notice what direction sounds are coming from and if they are moving.
Notice the moments of silence between sounds.
Listen in for layers of sound.
Deeply listen to the world.

Tip 1: Don’t try to figure out what the sound it or decide if you like it or not, just let yourself immerse in the experience of sound.
Tip 2: Try this technique when listening to a piece of music.

This is simply sending awareness outwards into the world, rather than struggling with inner noise. This is also compassionate towards yourself. Choosing a technique based on what will feel better is always an option.

There are no points for pain. Gentle is powerful. Consistency is powerful. Keep meditating, don’t get put off by a busy or overwhelmed mind, we can work with that.

For more meditation training get my signature course, Meditation Masterclass or sample a free lesson from the course.

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