The Best Contentment Analogy Ever

The Best Contentment Analogy Ever

My favourite super simple and super liberating way to look at contentment & happiness…


Contentment is like a floating cork.

Simple…and so empowering.  Let’s explore why….


A cork just floats.

That’s its natural state.

Effortless floating.

Effortless bobbing despite placid or choppy waters.



A floating cork doesn’t need to swim,
doesn’t need to tread water,
doesn’t need to cling to a life raft,
doesn’t need to cling to another stronger cork.

A floating cork doesn’t need to ask for permission to float, or to change its shape or work at it.  There’s nothing to fix.  There’s just floating.

It just does it.

Unless something is pushing it down.

So if contentment is just like that cork, we don’t have to do anything in order for it to float to the surface.  We just need to stop doing the things that push it down.

You know those things that sink the cork, we all do them. 
We get in the way of our contentment & happiness by submerging the floating cork with things like pressure, doubt, believing we are not enough, or not doing enough.  Limiting beliefs, unhelpful habits, impatience, judgement… 

We push it down with comparison energy, fear of the future, negative rumination about the past, fretting, worrying, trying to control, giving away our power by placing rigid expectation on other people or life events.

We all do these things. 

We are humans doing life and part of that is getting in our own way and learning how not to…

It’s totally OK and doesn’t make you dumb if you get in the way of your own contentment.  You aren’t alone.

This is an AGE OLD human problem.

+ plus ~ our culture can play a significant role in perpetuating the submersion of our cork and teaches us very little about mindset and the potency of our inner world.

So if you push down your cork, join the club…

But how can you do it less?

Start with awareness…

The challenge is that lots of our cork submersion behaviours are habitual.

They are habitually streaming through our minds with well worn neural pathways ~ which means we rarely even notice when we are doing it until the yucky after effect is felt.  And that’s kinda a problem.  Without actually seeing what we do to sink our corks, without that awareness, it’s tough to shift the pattern.

This is where meditation comes in.

It is a portal to possibility.

In a meditation practice, and I’m specifically talking about vipassana or mindfulness meditation, we learn how to observe our thoughts and emotions and release any resistance or judgement.

So we can be in a non-triggered state of awareness.

It’s freakin’ gold.

This is a doorway….a doorway to choice….and it also rewires our brain {in a manner that decreases stress & anxiety, improves sleep, improves relationships, boosts memory and so much more…}

With a non-triggered state of awareness we naturally become more cognisant of the stuff we are doing to the cork.  And then our BFF, free will, can kick in and help us choose a different path.  We can lay new habits and ditch the unhelpful ones.

We can just let the cork float.

Nice, right?

Happiness and contentment does not require additives, we are just doing things that submerge it.   It’s always, always there within ready to float up and meet us…

Here’s to letting the cork float.




P.S.  If you want some proper instruction on how to meditate and how to use it as an empowering tool in your daily life, check out my signature online course HERE.  


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