Inspiring perspectives, practical techniques & a down-to-earth delivery.

Thought provoking & empowering.

Teaching Style

“Excellent sense of structure”

“Positive & encouraging”

“Well structured, good discussions”

“Meredith’s calmness, knowledge & brilliant teaching style is empowering.”

“Diverse & knowledgeable; ease & delight”

“Enjoyed your positive energy, learned so much!”

“Meredith is an extremely gifted, sensitive & encouraging teacher.”

“Feedback from her sessions from staff has been universally positive.”


“Attentive, friendly & peaceful”

“She has such a deeply engrained understanding, but also a capacity to make that knowledge accessible & transparent.”

“Appreciated by all participants…We appreciated how you combine an openness to metaphysics with a very down-to-earth way of teaching it.” 

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