Mindfulness is an essential tool for living well in the 21st century.

Empower yourself.

If you are ready for empowering, easy to use tools to reconnect you with your inner peace & inner strength while gaining greater clarity and offsetting stress,
this is perfect for you.



Mindfulness practice is for busy people with busy minds who recognise the effect stress has on their life and want to do something about it.

It’s also for people who are ready to grow & improve.  Improve focus, improve clarity, improve relationships.  This {and more} can be achieved simply by becoming more present.

How it works:

We meet either over the phone or online {with or without video, as you prefer} for 5 structured sessions with time for personalised support.  You have two months to use the 5 sessions.  The first session is 90 minutes, the rest are 1 hour.  

You will gain a robust understanding of what mindfulness meditation is, how to do it, how to fit it into your daily life & how to use it to help navigate a range of situations.

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5 Week Programme Outline:

Here & Now:
Activating Kindness, Awareness & Clear Intentions
+ Understanding Brainwave Basics

Thoughts Aren’t Facts:
Shutting Down the Stress Response

Compassion & Connection: Yourself & Others
+ The Biology of Habits & Creating Positive Change

The Mind Body Link:
A Dynamic Energetic System & Tool for Awareness
+ Getting Under the Hood of Overwhelm

From Striving to Thriving:
Healthy Boundaries &
What Living a Mindful Life Means for You


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Recommended by 100% of students:

“Recommended to anyone who has a busy, hectic life.  To regain control, calm, balance, clarity and joy in everyday life.”

“Recommended to everyone.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit.  Most people I know really need this, to be honest.”

“Highly recommend this course.”

“Recommended without hesitation.”

“Yes!  Already have to lots of my friends caught up on a spiral of worry and anxiety.”

“Absolutely recommended.  You made it the opposite of what many have as preconceived ideas of self-y help-y.  Very practical.”

“Absolutely recommended, the content, exercises and back up material have ensured that the habit of mindfulness and taking time to be present are creeping into my life and giving me a nudge when I forget.”

“I enjoyed the sense of peace and calm after each meeting even after the first session…plenty of food for thought…really liked the practices, deeply relaxing.”

“…it hit me how much I liked the practice and realised I’ve found a tool that I enjoy.”

“…the course has given me the motivation and desire to carry on.”

“I enjoyed the ease and delight Meredith brought to this course – it could have been daunting and it was the opposite.  It was just wonderful …love your quirky, compassionate way of explaining and bringing humour – so good!”

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I’ve been practicing meditation for over 20 years – throughout all sorts of ups and downs & life changes.

I draw from a wealth of personal, practical experience as well as my many teachers and ongoing study of both ancient wisdom & 21st century scientific research.

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