Podcast Launch: The Vicar & The Mystic Episode 01 ~ Pivotal Moments Leading to Transformative Change

Podcast Launch: The Vicar & The Mystic Episode 01 ~ Pivotal Moments Leading to Transformative Change

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In this inaugural episode we share a ‘behind closed doors’ conversation that led to a dramatic shift in careers & priorities, most notably Ross leaving a successful (and rat race-y) career in the City of London to become a Church of England priest as well as Meredith leaving a career in the London art world to support his vocation.

Listen in to hear how a pivotal three word sentence set the journey in motion.  We discuss risk, dealing with the ego, burnout, the demands and rewards of change and more.  An honest conversation {that includes the s-word a few times.}

This is our very first podcast together and whilst most of it was fun, there was also a lot of yucky, grumpy techie learning curves!  Nonetheless, we are very excited to share it with you and would love to hear what you think in comments below.  Please share to others who may appreciate it and join the mailing list for updates on new episodes.

Meredith & Ross 

About The Vicar & The Mystic podcast:

We are Ross Gunderson, ‘The Vicar’, & Meredith Gunderson, ‘The Mystic’.  We created this podcast to have honest & down to earth conversations on the timeless questions & mysteries we all face. 

Bridging the space between pondering the purpose of life and actually living it,  we celebrate the diversity to be found in spiritual inquiry.

We don’t always agree, so there’s that.  But we do agree on asking questions.  

The podcast is beneficial to anyone who thinks there’s more to life than living in an expected & conventional manner. 

We live in Fulham, London where Ross is the Vicar of St. Eth’s Fulham and Meredith is a meditation teacher, writer & artist.

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  1. Ellen Loughhead says:

    I have just listened to your first podcast together.
    So much to think about and resonance with for me. “let’s explore it” is such a helpful way of to. start considering change.
    I find myself in a strange and unrecognisable (for the first time) place in my life. 70 and and no formal work commitments. I have worked in professional roles since my early 20’s and this “cliff edge” coincided with the pandemic and lockdown, it was the same weekend!. So this is change and I need to have trust going forward. Meredith, I have been using your meditation course and I found Ross’s points so useful. Thank you. I look forward to more.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We appreciate you taking the time to listen and for commenting. Time to “explore” your ‘strange & unrecognisable place’ (as you call it!) Ellen. Seems like you have been given some time to reflect! Really glad to heart you are doing the meditation…your wisdom is within. Enjoy connecting with it. Love, M

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