New Moon & Fresh Start: Simple Ritual to Clarify & Empower Your Intentions

New Moon & Fresh Start: Simple Ritual to Clarify & Empower Your Intentions

The cycles of nature are amazing, consistent companions for our own inner cycles of reflection, appreciation & aligned action.  Moon cycles have been observed & used to inform & inspire human behavious since the dawn of time.  Nature has provided us with a regular (& profoundly beautiful) 28 day routine encompassing light, shadow, growing and dimming within the moon cycle. 

This is an amazing free tool.

Traditionally the New Moon is associated with new beginnings – a time to renew vows, a time to visualise and start afresh.  I have been using the moon for decades as a companion to personal and spiritual growth and find it incredibly helpful, humbling & empowering. 

So I’m sharing below a very simple 6 step ritual anyone can do to work with the new moon energy, our free monthly reset button.

You can do this anytime of the month when you want a fresh start, but I do particularly love having 28 days to live out my intentions, it keeps impatience at bay, it keeps scattered energy at bay and centres me in what’s important.

All you need is a few minutes (make it longer is you want!), a candle and a pen and paper or journal.

Before we start,
a few tips on honouring your desires:

Being clear with ourselves is not only self-respect, it is also an act of self-love. To be clear, to be true, to allow yourself to keep it simple and to really, deeply own your desires ~ this is the fairy dust that’s missing from most people’s pursuit of their own fulfilment.

Think about how often people talk about what they don’t want and what’s not working. Our news, our feeds, our school gate banter — it’s often absolutely full of stories of what is not desirable. To an extent, we can blame the negative bias that we are born with ~ the human trait to fixate on problems that has served some purpose to our species, but also creates negative thinking loops if left unchecked.

So basically the focus on the unwanted, it’s a bad habit, a bad habit that most humans have and do, mostly unconsciously.

But we can choose again and as the farmer knows, New Moon is the best time to plant seeds and as such, a great time to shift away from focusing on what we don’t want & what’s not working and into what we do want.

Before we start,
be aware that getting used to asking yourself what you want and answering in an authentic way is a practice in itself. Often our answers are tinged by what we think we should want or what we once wanted…guilt and shame can pop up or we brush away & belittle our desires as first world problems, unrealistic or even selfish…all that stuff is really, really common when we are doing practices like this. However, don’t let it stop you from getting real with yourself, it’s just the ego being crafty, trying to keep you exactly where you are. If you know this beforehand, you will spot it for what it is and then be able to bypass this small thinking much easier.

But please know that if you don’t immediately stand up with arms outstretched proclaiming exactly what you want with a big smile on your face, you are so not alone & I provide tips to work through this in step 2.

With that in mind and having given yourself FULL PERMISSION to want what whatever the f you want…we begin…

1. Get quiet & still for a moment.

Light your candle to mark a clear intention to go within for what you need. To get quiet and still, three rounds of breath will do {more if you want} endeavour to relax the body especially around your throat and jaw, feel grounded and feel into the support of the earth below you, holding you, safely. As well, see the moon in your minds eye for at least a moment and say, “Hello Moon.”

2. Ask.

Ask the expert on you. YOU.

Gently, attentively, curiously ~

What is it I want?

If resistance is high for reasons mentioned above, it helps to rephrase the question ~ try:

What do I feel ready for?

What would I like to experience in the next 30 days?

What would I like to call into my next month?

What’s in the palm of my hand that I’m overlooking?

3. Listen.

Be curious, trust what comes up. Any over thinking or planning or analysis is not listening.

Keep breathing, relax your shoulders.

Listening is listening and listening only…like if you are trying to hear some rare and beautiful bird call in the distance, you don’t start talking or asking for permission to listen. You just listen…and then you receive.

4. Find the feeling.

Write down the desire(s) that are coming to you. No editing, be daring, it’s OK if it’s something you really don’t think will come to pass in the next month, it’s OK to be bold. It’s reall, really OK to write whatever you want down. Full permission to be “unrealistic”.

Then it’s time to drill down into the desires on a feeling level.

Define it by it’s dominant feeling.

For example, perhaps you want “a ridiculously bigger house”. OK, fine, and next question is ~ how does that house make you feel? Answer ~ it makes me feel “spacious” or “peaceful” or “ordered” and provides a sense of “luxury” or a “bit of indulgence”.

That’s your answer, those feelings are what you want.

Write down the feelings, journal it out a bit if you like that sort of thing.

5. Commit to feeling the feeling & appreciating it.

The great news is that once you know what feeling you want, you will quickly recognise there are ways right now in this moment to have that desired feeling. Maybe even just thinking about it and writing it down has created these feelings…

Nice right?

A little bit about feelings and how they affect material reality….

Feelings are generated within, you can create them with either your imagination or specific, intentional actions. Plus feelings have a magnetic quality…ever notice how that grumbly person attracts more experiences to be grumbly about? And the buoyant person seems to keep floating?

That’s not to say shit doesn’t happen…but it’s important to take responsibility for the intensity & characteristics of our energy & intentions because life isn’t happening to you, life is responding to you.

So the best way to get more of a desired feeling is to find a way to feel it. And even though the new house keys may not be in your hand…the feelings you get from it can be.

Identify where your desired feelings already exist in your life, make a mental note of this, or journal it out. Celebrate the crap out what you already do that creates this feeling, imagine doing more of that…create a list of actions you can take to generate the desired feeling.

For instance, following on from our example of a new house which is actually spaciousness, peace & luxury ~ you can spend 5 or 10 minutes de-cluttering your sock drawer or a kitchen cupboard. Reorganise your jewelry or dust off your bottles of parfum and put them in a lovely shelfie worthy row. Take a walk in the park or wherever in the middle of the day or book into that yoga class to get spacious in the body and arrive extra early to just lay there as an indulgence, clear a sunny corner and do a spot of meditation (guided ones here if you want). Get it? Lotsa ways to feel the feeling…

6. Tell the moon.

Tell the New Moon what you want. You can speak it into the candle just by looking at the candle and thinking ~ remember the moon is in darkness during the new moon so your candle flame is like a little substitute moon.

Share with the moon/candle the actions you would like to take over the next 30 days to nurture, enjoy & celebrate this feeling.

The moon will listen and the seed will be sown.

Comment below and tell me how you want to feeeeeel.

Enjoy and repeat at each New Moon.

This is a simple practice but there’s a lot to it and a lot to learn from it ~ from creating a clear space within {not always easy…way easier with a regular meditation practice} to being raw and honest about what you want and choosing to listen to your higher self rather than unhelpful loops of overthinking.

If you would benefit from brushing up on these skills, check out Meditation Masterclass, a self study course of deep yet practical wisdom to get you meditating regularly. Or check out this blog on “What you really get with Meditation Masterclass” to see if it’s for you.

All is within my friend.

Here’s to the wisdom of your higher self,

the courage to listen in &

the beautiful journey this will take you on.

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  1. So so gorgeous Meredith. Thankyou
    I’ll be sharing with my Essential Empowerment Team today xx

  2. Anja says:

    Thank you Meredith, this is really speaking to me, It’s September 2020 and we have a new moon phase right now. Amelia Adrian pointed me in your direction and I am delighted to have landed in such a dreamy ethereal place.

    I want to reside within myself, more time for me, more time to discover my inner world. It’s a time of safety, peace and deeper listening & learning. Blessings & love to you xx

  3. Junie says:

    Oh Meredith…Thank you for this… I found you through my beautiful friend Hayley Southwood… I so needed this guidance… beyond belief…
    I wish for, see, feel and touch our new home, giving us space, so much space with a slower pace of life (says the 100mph girl!) We’ve been there, we’ve seen it, we’ve had an offer accepted on it…and with this full moon I wish, hope and pray that the warmth we feel in our hearts we will soon feel in our new home… I also wish for health, happiness and blessings for all…. afterall its for the good of all or not at all x x x

    • Beautiful Junie! Great clarity on the house…make sure to spend some time doing the things that provide you with feelings of space and a gentler pace. It’s cool to do 100mph, it just needs to be offset! xoxo

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