Set yourself up for a great day in less than 6 minutes.

Breathe, intend, rise & shine in the morning.
Reconnect with yourself and your intentions.
Create the to-be list before the to-do list!

Morning practices are magical.

{Although you can this anytime you want to press a reset button during your day.}

Let me know how you get on in the comments below! Once you use this a few times you may find you won’t need it all…maybe try it each day for a week and see where it takes you. It’s kid friendly too so try it on any age!

Here’s to love, light & beautiful days,

There are a few little bits of spaciousness & quiet in the meditation, DO NOT worry or judge yourself if your mind is absolutely all over the place, that’s pretty normal especially if you are not a regular meditator. Just unhook from distractions & replace your awareness onto your breath.

If you want help with these skills, to become less distractable & to establish a regular meditation practice, click the ‘learn more’ button to check out my Mindfulness Essentials Programme:

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