Mindfulness is an amazing door way…to yourself.
Here’s a 13 minute chat covering most common questions:

What exactly is mindfulness?
Where does it come from?
What does it do?
How does it work?
What kinds of benefits can I get from doing it?
What does science say about it?
Do I have to do it for an hour every day?  

And why it’s THE best place to start when you want to start meditating and reconnecting to yourself, your intuition, your higher self.

Any other Qs?  Just pop them in the comments box below.

Want some one to one help from me? 
Book a free 20 min chat to discuss options HERE.

Want to try some guided meditations?
HERE‘s a great one if your mind is really, really busy.
HERE‘s a great one for the morning and setting yourself up for a super day.
HERE‘s a suuuuper relaxing one.


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