Keeping calm & grounded while navigating life during the coronavirus: what to do when anxiety flares

Keeping calm & grounded while navigating life during the coronavirus: what to do when anxiety flares

Simple stuff for the yucky moments.

In challenging times we need two tools ~ one is what to do when the challenge flares up a hell of a lot of anxiety & overwhelm and the second is how to build resilience & inner resources so you get less flares and put them out quicker.

This post is about number one.  What to do in the thick of a yucky moment.  

I have 4 tips and 3 practical steps for you.  These are tried and tested and they work.  Add them to your tool belt.


Please don’t make yourself wrong for feeling anxious or overwhelmed, we sometimes do this to ourselves and it isn’t helpful.  Instead, care for yourself to move through it.  Be open to what it is showing you, open to lessons, open to love and care for yourself.  

The number one thing that will help you out of anxiety and fear given the global situation is to

What do I mean by this?
Settled, centred, body at ease and released into gravity.  No scattering of energy.  Connected to your wisdom, your knowing, your abilities, your heart.  Centred and in the present moment.  An earthy energy drawing down into a supported steadiness, no unnecessary clenching.  Releasing.  Not spinning out, but drawing in & soothing with steadiness.  {A great guided meditation for this is here.}

Stay with what
Stay in the present moment, work within the present moment.

Our scariest experiences are those we imagine.  Yes, it makes sense to plan a bit.  But it does not serve you to spend time in an imagination that is grim.  The best thing you can do for your and our collective future is stay centred, healthy, at home and open to ways you can participate in the world around you in positive way. 

Know what you can and cannot control.

You can control how you respond to life, you can control if you choose fear or love.  You cannot control other people.  You can set an example, but you cannot control them.  You can control how you eat, sleep, speak, how much news you watch, how you speak with loved ones, who you call to check in on.  You can control how you spend this time at home, what you read, what you watch, if you put on music and dance.

You can be open to healing.  Individual healing is connected to collective healing…please believe me when I say how you feel matters, how you care for yourself, what you are willing to look at, reflect on and shift matters.  

3 Practical Steps 

Keep it simple to shift out and rise up.

Move your blessed body. 
I am a massive advocate of meditation BUT if you are feeling a lot of anxiety, sitting still with it will be HARD AF and I just don’t see that as kind to yourself.  So move your body…our issues are in our tissues.  We store anxiety in our body and can release it with movement.  This does NOT mean you have to do a 90 minute yoga class, unless you want to of course. 

This can be easy, use any of these or a combo:

~ Roll your neck, roll your shoulders

~ Stick out your tongue to release tension in your throat 

~ Standing up twist from side to side, a spinal twist chucking your arms around

~ Do cat cow either on all fours or seated

~ Run in place for 60 seconds (I absolutely love that one, seriously, try it)

~ Star jumps

~ Shake things out, stand up, start with your feet and move up the body, shaking everything (another fave of mine)

~ There are tons of resources online for this, but I also think if you are in the thick of overwhelm I would rather you don’t reach for your phone, just move.

Check on your BODY.  

Notice how you are holding yourself, ask the body to come to ease, align properly.  I have noticed A LOT of unnecessary muscle clenching lately and have made a practice of checking on my body frequently…this does heaps in terms of helping us feel grounded, release the unnecessary clenching.  You can place your hands on your shoulders or any other areas of tightness to soothe or imagine sending breath to this part of your body.  Your (clean AF) hands on shoulders, chest, tummy ~ very soothing.

Tend to your breath.
Your breath has a direct link to your nervous system and it’s really not that complicated to work with it to feel better.  Basically when you gently slow down your breath you will bring ease to an agitated mind.  Also, if you count, like ten or twenty breaths, counting backwards from ten or twenty, it gives the mind an extra thing to do rather than repeating the thought patterns that go you into the overwhelm in the first place.

~ Top tip: the breath is FOUR parts, the inhale, a mini pause, the exhale, another mini pause.  Don’t omit the pauses

~ Keep the belly soft and imagine drawing the breath down deep into the body (upper chest breathing is stress breathing, get it lower)

~ Placing the hands on the body to feel the breath is very soothing.  Placing the hands somewhere around the diaphragm which is at the bottom of the ribs will help you draw the breath deeper down ~ bonus.

~ Try to have a long straight-ish spine when you are focusing on your breath, I like to lean back into something so my chest can open, shoulders can relax.



Those steps should break the cycle!

At least a little, to create a space where you can ask yourself how you want to feel.  

It defo helps to have some clarity about that…so like right now, ask yourself, how do you want to feel? 

What is the best feeling for you? 

Is it centred, is it calm, is it clear, is it grounded….?

What is a word or words that really resonates for you?

>> Also remember you are not alone in this.  Worry, fear, stress ~ they are universal human experiences.  They are also emotions, which are temporary.  As they rise, they also fall.

I hope that helps.  Please let me know in the comments.

Sending so much love,

P.S.  Build up a regular meditation practice, suitable for total beginners or those who want to revisit and deepen their understanding – Meditation Masterclass.  You can try Lesson 1 for free.


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