Change will always be a constant in our lives, harness it’s power.

Change with intelligence & intuition.

If you are ready to meet change in an empowering & intelligent way, to release old habits & grow new ones, to create what you want in your life & relationships….if you are ready to step into a new phase without wasting energy on worry and with heaps of support & tools to help you do it your way,
this is perfect for you.



Change is our only constant in life.  We can resist it and feel yucky or we can embrace it and create a beautiful life. 

If you are in the midst of a change and it feels like living in a blender, you are so not alone

If you want to create change, but old habits just keep getting in the way, you are so not alone

People are rarely taught how to engage with change in a healthy, empowering way. 

Thriving with change is a skill.

You just need the tools
+ experienced support.


How it works:

First, we have a free 20 min conversation to determine if we are a good fit to work together and discuss convenient times & dates.

Then we meet either over the phone or online {with or without video, as you prefer} for a period from 6 weeks to 6 months ~ usually weekly.  The first session is 90 minutes, the rest are 1 hour.  In the first session we get clear on your specific desired outcomes.

I will ensure you know the basics of meditation because awareness without judgement is an amazing time & energy saving tool and puts us into a growth mindset.

We work through a set of practical and effective tools to ensure you are: connected to your centre & listening to your intuition, effectively managing stress/anxiety & focusing energy on what you want rather than energy leaks.  We create new habits because our habits create our lives.  We instill a pattern of taking inspired action.  You appreciate & care for yourself throughout the entire process.

We use realistic & actionable steps, you learn tools, you put them into practice, things shift and it’s a pretty gorgeous & empowering process – uniquely yours but enabled by tried & tested processes & techniques.

Book for a free 20 min chat to see if we are a good fit to work together, get your questions answered & cover booking practicalities.

Selected Tools & Lessons:

Cultivating inner calm no matter what the circumstances

Clarity on what you really, truly want & how to step into a new path despite self-doubt

Creating space for both reflection & action so burn-out doesn’t come knocking & you feel inspired

Recognising & releasing unhelpful habits with some help from Harvard data

Skillfully dealing with overwhelm and showing it who’s boss

Cool tricks to do less but get more done

How to be more compassionate and less judgemental towards yourself – big one!

Learning how to spot & stop stress response before if grows into a monster so you can move forward with less stress

Getting in sync with your creativity

Staying calm & present so you can hear your intuition

Trusting yourself

Getting more pleasure into your day because it’s a stronger fuel than Italian coffee

Patching energy leaks ~ from worry to parasitic people

How to make things easier for yourself while still getting what you want.  {spoiler: it’s all in your approach & ability to accept help}

Understanding why self-limiting beliefs are in there in order to ditch them for good

Using healthy boundaries without guilt to enhance your relationships

Giving up guilt.


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What clients say:

Meredith works magic.
I am a journalist often working in difficult, stressful environments. Her private sessions have been transformative – and this is from a former cynic!

Meredith is amazingly intuitive.  I am so grateful for the amazing experience of working with her: it has opened my mind so much and I feel I have made huge strides in many departments of life. I see daily opportunities to exercise my creativity and no longer feel daunted.

With these sessions I found the focus and strength to triumph over distractibility, make space for myself, and apply that space to all my interactions, realising that the people in my life were there for me to love and connect to.  This helped to free up my creative energy.

Meredith is a gifted teacher with a beautiful down-to-earth concern for people and the demands of hectic lives…given me a far more holistic approach…truly enhanced sense of wellbeing and vitality during a stressful time of change.

To discuss a programme for you, bookings & scheduling ~ click the button to book a call:

I have been practicing meditation for over 20 years and studying personal & spiritual development for as long as I can remember.

A natural born mystic with tireless curiosity, deep desire to learn and willingness to experiment, I have a gift for sharing my hard-won wisdom in a down to earth way.

Book a free 20 minute slot below to see if we are good fit to work together.


Ready to invest in positive change?
Book a time to talk it through:

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