do less.  by Kate Northrup.
A revolutionary approach to time & energy management for busy moms

Yes, “doing less” sounds excellent to most people (and defo comes up with my clients!), but how do we actually put this into practice?  This book is worth a read if you want some practical techniques supported by data & honest girl talk from the trenches.  And it’s a quick, easy, enjoyable read. 

Watch the video for the cool backstory that led to the book and my 6 key take-aways after reading it, and let me know in the comments your biggest obstacles to doing less or things that work for you to keep focused on the essentials rather than the draining & unrewarding.

HUGE topic here and so much has to do with giving ourselves permission to try new ways even though culturally we seem to be encouraged to be “productive” at every given moment.  Working with awareness (and Kate is a defo advocate for daily meditation) and being kind to ourselves will be at the heart of any effective “do less” strategy…so worth a try.

Here’s to doing less and enjoying more!

Love, M

P.S. If you order the book, maybe go to a lovely independent online shop like this one.

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