There’s no doubt, this global moment is tough.  Meanwhile unprecedented disruption provides huge opportunities.  Let’s create the new and care for ourselves & our anxieties.

First, take a few seconds to re-centre with appreciation.

Take 3 nourishing breaths right now & drop into appreciation of all you have within and immediately around you in this moment.

the roof, the chair, the internet, sunlight, birds, your ability to read, your freedom of choice, a tree, a cup, running water, soap, electricity, your sense of humour, your clothes…keep going.

Create an appreciation moment.
Create an appreciation practice.

This simple practice is one very effective way too soothe our minds and bring ourselves into the present moment.

Deep breaths.  Do this often.

We have to find our new normal in this extraordinary collective moment.

Of course, that will be a process and I can identify with feeling overwhelmed and worried…however based on the level of disruption we are facing, there’s no doubt this is a time for trying new things, for re-examining and re-imagining.

And I believe we can find a new & improved normal.

In fact, I feel that is what we are being called to do. 

It might not feel easy, there’s no doubt this is tough.  I’ve been thinking of ways of being during this challenging time.  What I am seeing is that there’s a new improved normal wanting to emerge. 

We can learn from this, perhaps more can emerge, things like….

~ Putting holistic health, public health at the very top of our priority list always, from how we produce, consume & teach about food, to how we work with emotions in a manner that takes seriously their effect on our physical health.

~ Spending more time at home, less time in tiring meetings.

~ Limiting and being acutely aware of what kinds of media we consume and the effect it has on us.

~ Considering all the heartful and practical answers already within us before looking outside ourselves in a way that rattles us rather than providing us with something useful.

~ Honouring, loving & appreciating our bodies for the miraculous gift they are in all our choices. 

~ Honouring, loving & appreciating magnificent, generous, beautiful Mother Earth.

~ Being able to ask for and receive support, to reach out in times of need knowing people actually really love to help, 

~ Caring for our communities as best we can, sharing knowing there’s enough to go around (so no need to hoard) and working together as we are hard-wired to do.

~ Caring for our communities by checking in, giving simple practical help to ease someone’s day.

~ Having time to speak with loved ones near and far, having a natter, checking in.

~ Having time on our hands so do things like read, cook, meditate, connect.

~ Trusting in and celebrating our collective creativity and ingenuity to meet challenges.

~ Appreciating the crap out of our lives and the people that make our lives comfortable and secure (big shout out to health workers, people who work at grocery stores & anyone who delivers anything)

~ Slowing down.

~ Being fully present in our day.

Doesn’t that all actually sound like stuff we should really be doing more of anyway?  Doesn’t it all sound like stuff we want to do more of?

We can do all of those things now.  Let’s…and while we are at it, let’s limit time on the internet trying to logic it all out and freaking ourselves out in the process.

+ on caring for our anxiety…

We are facing a lot of unknowns.  {Actually we always are, but right now is pretty intense!}. It’s very normal and understandable for this to provoke anxiety.  Please do NOT make yourself wrong for feeling anxious.  And don’t be scared of it.

There’s a technique we use in mindfulness meditation when we are sitting in meditation and our mind is really, really busy.  We label the thoughts.  This creates a useful distance.  Kierkegaard said, “Once you label me, you negate me.”  Label the anxiety.  Like, “Oh, hello anxiety, you are here, yes that makes sense” and move on.  You acknowledge anxiety is present and stop there ~ rather than reacting to it, arguing with it or shaming it or being scared of it ~ things that feed it.  And if you don’t feed it, it will disperse. 

Meanwhile there are other ways to support ourselves in these moments which will make it easier…

Once you have (more of less) accepted the presence of anxiety, you can further halt its momentum and move to a higher space with your behaviour and actions.

This is a great reminder to get out of our heads and deeply know life is held here in 3D on this beautiful planet we love.

Disrupt with action.

Disrupt with behaviour. 
This is easy stuff that just requires a choice.  Act out your intentions, act out the list above, tweak it, make your own, there are so many options ~ care for your home, read, journal, speak, naked star jumps, loud music, watch (well chosen) Netflix, call family, call friends, make a healthy meal, ask for help if you need it ~ take actions in 3D. 

Pretty please ~ make a list of things you know you enjoy and you can do at home and do that stuff.   This can be a re-centring arsenal for you.

+ I’d love to hear any ideas that really work for you ~ from somehwat normal to really, really odd!

I hope this helps, it comes from the heart, I am here with you.

Also please comment with with how you are feeling right now.

With so much love,

If you do want to work on a meditation practice (gaaah, I’ve been trying to get an online course up…maybe now I will have the time!) anyway – I have a bunch of free resources. 

Here’s are two links I think are good for this time:

Beginnger Meditator Playlist (on Soundcloud, loads more on there & you can download)
Rise & Shine (on the Blog, loads more there)


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