Choose “Lean” Thoughts to Free Up Your Energy & Connect to Intuition

Choose “Lean” Thoughts to Free Up Your Energy & Connect to Intuition

A simple shift in how you relate to your thoughts will de-clutter your headspace and better connect you to your intuition. 

Over the last month or so as life got really, rather busy with many moving parts, I’ve been loving playing with the idea of choosing ‘lean thoughts’.

This has helped me enormously to de-clutter my mind during a very hectic period.

It has also helped me feel better connected to my intuition {which is time-saving magic in itself}.

So, what’s a ‘lean thought’?  And how do we choose them?

‘Lean’ thoughts are clear and simple, yet deeply intelligent.  No fuss, no drama.  A thought with a knowing behind it, a deep, steady, uncomplicated knowing.  A thought that was birthed from somewhere deep within.

Listening to a lean thought feels calm and centred ~ like that post-meditation vibe.

And then there’s the opposite:
the ‘clunky’ thought

A ‘clunky’ thought is heavy & complicated featuring some or all of the following: lots of competing ideas noisily fighting for supremacy, whines and doubts, discomfort and unease, judgement, a feeling of no space in the mind and a maze of what ifs {can you tell I’ve been there? ;}

Listening to a clunky thought puts us off balance, creating scattered energy and confusion.  Clunky thoughts are massive energy leaks, they tire us out and rob us of the opportunity to connect with any spaciousness within.

And the all-important feature of lean and clunky thoughts?

Lean thoughts arise from a clear space within, from your higher self, your intuition

Clunky and complicated thoughts come from a fearful ego, from self-limiting beliefs.

So why do we get so caught up in ‘clunky thoughts’? 

The trouble is, clunky thoughts are often habitual, to the point that we rarely have any space left for lean ones.  We can get so used to our clunky thoughts that we don’t even trust or take heed of the lean ones when they come around.  Sometimes we may even confuse complicated {ie clunky} for intellectualism or sophistication.
Big.  Mistake.

> The deep intelligence that moves us forward in the most elegant & surprising of ways always has a clarity nested within it.

Another reason we get caught in clunky thoughts is that they have a tricky momentum situation to them that loops and reinforces itself.

Here’s how: because they are confusing and often conflicting we try to ‘figure them out’. We get hooked by this challenge, despite clunky thoughts by their very nature being mostly un-figure-out-able.  Combine this with the fact that stress levels rise as we try to un-muddle and just get more muddled {stress will shut down any chance of creative or penetrating thought}, and we unwittingly give them more air space, more energy, more attention, more momentum: more clunk, more brain-drain.

Consider for a moment ~
A time you ignored a lean, clean thought?  When you doubled down on complication or noisy doubt, put your precious energy & attention on the clunky stuff ~ then with hindsight wished you followed that clear gut feeling…we’ve all done it, but when we improve our connection to our intuition, we definitely do it less.

So how do we shift from clunky to lean thoughts?
Go to the source … you.

We take a deep breath … or three.

We do not judge the shit out of ourselves for having a clunky thought.

We remember we are a human living life and it can be tricky to get it right all the time.
So – practice self-kindness.

We simply recognise we are in the experience of a clunky thought in this moment.

We simply observe it.

We allow the spaciousness in that naturally comes when we observe without judging.

The spaciousness that dawns once we drop our attachment to the confusion and clunky-ness.

yay for free will….

We choose again.

We ask for the lean thought.

We trust in simplicity.

We observe the wisdom emerging and we honour it with out attention & thanks.

This is a simple practice for connecting to your intuition. 
Your intuition is the generator of these beautiful, helpful, simple yet wise lean thoughts.  And your intuition is freakin gold.  It’s time saving magic and serendipity loves it.

Intuition, working with it, trusting it, invoking it is a massive, beautiful topic.

But it takes practice.
It is a practice.

Here’s to growing your relationship with your intuition.


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