How & Why to put Being before Doing for a Gorgeous Summer

How & Why to put Being before Doing for a Gorgeous Summer

It’s a time of year we pig out on fun…but doing too much will lead to diminishing returns. How to not let it slide into sucky:

I don’t know about you, but my home and our summer are busy this time of year.

We were just up to Edinburgh for my husband’s birthday, we have workmen onsite constantly in the vicarage garden, my daughter’s school has a bazillion irregular things going on, soon we will be in Latvia but in the meantime we have a stream of house guests & on and on it goes…plus there’s that new hammockery* in the garden that I want to be in all. the. time….

ALL good stuff.
ALL fun stuff.
ALL great people.
ALL things I really want to be present with and enjoy.

a lot going on.

And I have to remind myself of a familiar mantra ~ being, before doing.
Because summer is one of those times of year we are prone to pig out on fun & obligations to the point of very diminishing returns!

So I’ve learned to I ask myself these types of questions as I plan or envision my summer season, week, weekend, day…

How do I want to be?
How do I want to show up?
How do I want to feel?
What would feel great?
What helps me enjoy being me?

Is my diary allowing for this?
Is my mindset allowing for this?
What about my energy levels?
How can I embody the being part whilst doing the things?
Do I even like doing that thing?
Did I used to and now no longer?
Am I near a tipping point where that diminishing returns scenario kicks in? …and if so or if I am beyond it and already a hot sweaty mess on my third museum visit of the day ~ what can I do to look after myself & re-centre?

For instance, I know in summer, I feel great when I’m outside, but not wandering around in the afternoon sun. I know I want to feel warmth & connection with friends & family, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many travel logistics and onerous hospitality. I know I want to get into that hammock because reading & writing lights me up even if could put in a bit more time on my new website to get it live quicker…

Choosing based on how it will feel, not how many summer boxes or productivity boxes I can tick is more empowering, more creative & more fun. And when it does get a bit cray cray ~ I give myself pause. Simple stuff, like three rounds of breath or even a favourite song to reconnect to how I want to feel, how I want to be ~ reorienting myself away from over heated overwhelm & unproductive multi-tasking to appreciation for the beautiful people and experiences I am in the midst of or even just the freedom to sit down with a bottle of water.

When we reverse engineer by getting clear on the being and feeling part first, we may see ourselves making different choices, we may feel less obligated, we may drain some of the guilt from saying, “no”. And if we get a bit over heated, we can be there for ourselves with just a few simple rounds of breath and return to that original intention around feeling & being.

OK, so share time…{and please let me know your list in the comments!)

For me, I want to feel fun, spacious & beautiful this summer.

~ fun is something I feel I have ignored in recent months of a very demanding upheaval and sometimes relentless to-do lists — so it’s at THE TOP of the list and includes daily dancing
~ spacious means I have time to putter, I have time in the hammock, I have time for spontaneity, I have time to linger more with friends and family, time to follow my nose, time to cook unhurried and an overall feeling of being lighter & softer in my body.
~ beautiful is about wearing things that feel great on my skin, grooming, loving care and also being with & appreciating beautiful things like music and art and nature and my favourite people.

All three of these are felt in both mind and body so are not only mental choices, but have a clear embodied experience linked to them. This is oh so intentional….

We can’t just live from the neck up, involve your body in your feelings.

So, my friend, how do you want to feel and be this summer? Can you see how you might pivot on a few choices to better support this? Can you allow yourself to give up the guilt of saying, “no” once in a while? What’s most important to you? What activities, habits or people bring you the most joy?

Here’s to choosing being before doing and here’s to your summer, your way. And I’m serious about sharing how you want to feel and be this summer! I’d love to hear!

Love & light,

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