Autumn Wellness ~ Ayurvedic Style

Autumn Wellness ~ Ayurvedic Style

Taking time to tune into the seasons and their effects our bodies is beautiful practice that will deeply enhance your holistic health.

Ayurveda is the worlds oldest mind-body healing science with much to say about seasonal wellbeing & the benefits of living in alignment with nature.

Here are some essential tips & insights for autumnal health & vitality ~ ayurveda style.

I have been practicing Ayurvedic principles for many years and love it. {book suggestion in ‘Resources’ at bottom of the blog}.  The word ayurveda is Sanskrit and translates to science of life.

According to ayurveda there are three primary energies, or doshas, at play in our bodies and minds.  The three doshas are: vata, pitta and kapha.  Each have distinct characteristics.  We tend to naturally have a dominant dosha or dominant dosha combination; however, it is an ever changing system of energy subject to our habits and environment.

When the energies are balanced, we experience radiant wellbeing.  This requires awareness and conscientious effort on out part.  Once we are aware, we can then respond and gently adapt to bring ourselves into balance.

If you want to find out more about doshas and understand your constitution there are resources listed at the bottom of the blog…but you don’t need to in order to benefit from the tips below.

In terms of Autumnal Wellness, we are most interested in vata which has a tendency to become out of balance in the autumn.

The nature of vata is to be quick, light, dry, rough, changeable, irregular.  You can see these qualities in autumn weather, for instance, leaves become dry, winds are high.

Vata energy is quick thinking and fast moving; yet when there is an excess of vata is in the system, the body and mind become very un-grounded, concentration is difficult, people can feel overwhelmed, joints may become unstable, anxiety takes a grip and there is too much moving and thinking in too many directions all at once.

As well, the anxiety, lack of focus and setting off into too many directions can be very unproductive and take a toll on energy levels leading to fatigue or even exhaustion.  This makes it easier for colds to set in with the lungs and throat most affected.

These undesired effects of vata imbalance present themselves primarily because we are not slowing down as the season would dictate.

Autumn is a time to reflect and release habits or patterns that do not serve us.

It is time to become more discerning about what we allow in and around our bodies & minds as we prepare for winter.

Spring and summer are times to be exploratory in an external sense and autumn marks the beginning of being exploratory in an internal sense.  In order to feel grounded and well, we must begin to turn within during autumn.

So how do we do this…?
Here are 5 tips:

Use an understanding of ayurveda to spot the excess vata in your life and get creative about how you can enjoy slowing down and going within more.
Take stock, discern.
Ask what can be shed?  Like a trees sheds it leaves.
What can just rest?  What projects no longer need to be pushed?
What was great while it lasted but no longer serves?
What continues to serve you?  Habits, relationships, beliefs.

> Worth mentioning:  your awareness muscle is strengthened by regular meditation and autumn is an excellent time to begin or continue regular meditation.  Try my freebies or book in for some one to one instruction with me or get my online masterclass in meditation to learn or revisit the essentials.  {links in ‘Resources’ at bottom of blog}.

Specific Yoga Postures: Spinal Twists & Forward Bends
Twists and wonderful for nourishing your tummy and lungs as well as dispelling anxiety and nervous energy.  Use your twist fundamentals: inhale to create space in the spine and exhale to move & deepen into your twist.  Keep the spine tall, you can do your twists laying down to ensure the spine is kept straight.

Forward bends are excellent for softening wilfulness, tapping into appreciation, seeing from new perspectives, going within & surrendering.  Do them seated (paschimottanasana) or standing (uttanasana).  Engage your quads drawing the kneecaps up and hinge from hips with a lengthy spine.


Food & Mealtimes
> Enjoy root veggies, any veggies, but cook them, no more raw stuff.  Have soup, roasts, warm, cooked, moist meals, apples to help with elimination.
> Drink teas with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon to help with circulation and digestion.
> Eat at regular time, maintain a routine with your food and always sit while eating, try to eat slowly – for instance, I’ve challenged myself to chew each bite at least 20 times.  This also creates time to appreciate our nourishing food.

> Routine, routine, routine, lights out at 10!  Get your rest, a full 8 hours plus and get off all screens at least an hour before bed, allow yourself to experience more of the growing dark.
> Be mindful with your speaking, don’t speak in a wandering manner or unnecessarily, but rather enjoy a bit more silence.
> Putting oils onto your body before showering is both soothing for the nervous system and hydrating for the physical body which tends to get dry this season.

Keeping warm & cozy
> Enjoy the duvet, eat warm food, drink warm drinks, get out your favourite cozy scarf or treat yourself to a new one, cover your head and ears.

> Practice right nostril breathing: close your left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand, inhale smoothly, slowly, comfortably through your right nostril then exhale from the same nostril.  Repeat for 6-10 rounds (one round is an inhale & exhale).  You can do this a few times a day, it increases sun energy in the body and warms the body as well as assisting with clarity and focus ~ perfect for autumn.

I hope these tips are clear and easy to implement for you!
You don’t have to do all of them, just do what sounds nicest to you.

Share in the comments how you plan on bringing this wisdom from an ancient science of life into your autumn.  I’d love to hear.

Here’s to living in balance with the wisdom of the changing seasons.

Love & light,


Try some guided meditations:
> 10 minutes meditation for busy minds

> 10 minutes mindfulness meditation via your senses

> 6 minute morning meditation

Check out my online course, Meditation Masterclass, do it at your own pace, learn or revisit the essentials of meditation and get into a daily habit.

Info on my one to one support on meditation is HERE.

Handy QUIZ to discover your dosha.

My go-to book on Ayurveda:


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