What I do.

I teach how to reconnect to your inner wisdom & peace so you can feel centred & empowered in the moment and confidently create a deeply satisfying life.

I do this by sharing effective tools & techniques – a powerful combination of ancient wisdom & modern scientific data, tried & tested, suited to modern, busy lives –  most notably how to meditate so you are fully present in your life & choices.

My one to one programmes create the most impact in the least amount of time.

Occasionally I host retreats & workshops to press the reset button and deeply nourish you in rather special surroundings.

You can book me as a speaker or workshop leader to deliver something inspiring & tailored to your group.

And I write & record free content regularly.

Who it's for.

My work is for you if you recognise the value & power of feeling centred, grounded, resilient, clear & confident.

If you see the effect stress or worry has on your life and you want to do something about it – I can help.

If change is getting the better of you or you want to create change, but can’t seem to keep up the momentum – we can get you on track & feeling empowered.

If you are saying “yes” to everyone but yourself, we can build you some beautiful, healthy boundaries & get clarity about what’s next for you.

If you experience exhaustion from spinning numerous plates, yet are hungry for new challenges, don’t know where to start or how to fit it in – I know where to point you.  {spoiler: within}

My clients are often {but not always} women, who tend to hold quite high standards and expect a lot from themselves, are also open-minded & willing to learn.

My clients are also often creatives, either with a creative or lateral approach or careers as artists or performers.  I have specific expertise in unblocking creative energy as well as maintaining healthy boundaries as a public person or performer.

Why it's special.

The depth and breadth of my personal experience, natural capacity for compassion & my intuitive gifts set me apart.  

For as long as I can remember, I have had a life-long interest in art, metaphysics & the timeless questions of why we are here and what we are becoming.

In 1997 I picked up my first book on Buddhism and began to meditate, curated my first exhibition & felt like I was home when I took my first yoga class.  Since then meditation, yoga, spiritual inquiry & an appreciation of the creative process have been my teachers and steadfast companions as I married, moved countries, became a mother, endured many ups and downs, unexpected changes & grew as a person.

After 18 rewarding years in the contemporary art world, in 2014 I completed my yoga teacher training, had the most intensive meditation lessons of my life as well as spending several months studying & teaching in South India with my family.

What I teach has been put to the test in my life.

I have overcome a range of challenges ~ from depression & anxiety, to battling with self-doubt & perfectionism as I fulfilled ambitions, making peace with the voice that cries, “not good enough”, learning how to show up in my own guilt-free way as a mother, finding my centre as my family moved home five times in six years…and more.

My life experience, years & years of ardent study, connection to my own inner wisdom  & deepth of love for my subject makes what I have to offer special.

How it works.

The quickest way to results is a one to one programme. 

Book a 20 min slot to chat with me by clicking HERE.  We’ll cover any questions and discuss booking practicalities.

The programmes vary in length & frequency of meetings.  Most clients begin with 5 sessions to learn to meditate and complete the programmed within two months.  

You will be taught a variety of tools, how & when to use them – you then apply them in daily life.  We reflect, come up with inspired action steps and repeat the process to get you where want.

I am extremely intuitive and have a gift for gently guiding you to your own answers & supporting you as you release limiting beliefs & create new patterns in your life.  All is within.

This all starts by booking a chat to see if we are a good fit to work together.  Click HERE to find a slot.

As a speaker or workshop leader I deliver inspiring talks of varying lengths on topics related to my work including personal stories that bring the content alive.

Fill in the form HERE, I’ll be back in touch shortly.  Once I have a clear brief from you, I reply with a short proposal.

To be kept informed of workshops & retreats + get free content to help you feel centred & empowered, join the mailing list HERE.

What to do next.

Book a 20 min slot to chat with me about one to one programmes book in the pink box below or have a browse for additional info HERE.

For speaking & workshops, fill in the short contact form HERE.

To be kept informed of workshops & retreats + get free content to help you feel centred & empowered, join the mailing list HERE.

Check out the BLOG for tips, mindsets, science, recordings, personal stories & techniques ~ leave a comment, share any goodies you particularly love on social!

Anything else?
Use the contact details & form at the bottom of the page, I’d love to hear from you.

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