“I feel calmer now, less reactive, more aware of the moment & less inclided to feel guilty”

New to Meditation

“Meredith’s mindful approach gently guides you to a place of personal balance. There are no hard or fast rules, just a gentle enquiry followed by blissful, effortless rest”

“Meredith’s calmness, knowledge and brilliant teaching style has empowered me to begin a mindfulness journey of my own.”

“I liked the ease and delight that Meredith brought to the course – it could have been daunting, but it was the opposite.”

“I was at a crossroads work-wise and always knew I could benefit from mindfulness. I knew I would do better if I did it one to one and it felt right. I now do 5–10 minutes of daily meditation in the morning.”

“Meredith works magic. I am a journalist often working in difficult, stressful environments. Her private mindfulness sessions and yoga lessons have been transformative – and this is from me, a former cynic!”

Wellbeing for Body & Mind

“I am more focused on the moment/present – bringing myself back to the job in hand.”

“I am calmer, less reactive, more aware of the moment, and less inclined to feel guilty if I ‘mess up’.”

“I would recommend it to others who want to take a step back from their busy lives and regain a little calmness.”

“I enjoyed the thoughtfulness of the course, sharing our thoughts and experiences, the opening of a door…”

“Two months before I began my sessions with Meredith I had fallen, broken my ankles, and was unable to walk. My life was to learn to walk again in its widest meaning and to do it better than before.”

“With these sessions and meditation, I found the focus and strength to triumph over distractibility, make space for myself, and apply that space to all my interactions, realising that the people in my life were there for me to love and connect to.”

“I am so grateful for the amazing experience of working with Meredith on mindfulness and creativity: it has opened my mind so much and I feel I have made huge strides in many departments of life. I see daily opportunities to exercise my creativity and no longer feel daunted by my creative projects.

Meditation Masterclass

“I wanted to gain peace and calm and my expectations were met. My biggest takeaway was how to do a short meditation and now I can calm myself quicker when I am anxious. I highly recommend this course.”

“I did the course to gain more space in my head. I got what I expected and really benefited from the sessions on posture, as well as the body scan meditation. Since doing the course I am calmer and more connected with my body.”

“I had been meditating using apps for a few years without consistency or benefit, so my therapist recommended Meredith’s course to learn more. I wanted greater self-awareness, self-esteem, sense of calm and to stop getting in my own way. I realise now that meditation can be a superpower. I now have more control and awareness.”