Meredith Gunderson & The Modern Meditation Movement

Meredith Gunderson is a London-based yogi, curator, artist and mystic, who studies and teaches spiritual practices to bring us more fully into our authentic selves. She teaches group classes, courses and workshops and works one to one with clients who wish to reconnect within, feel more centred and empowered. Meredith specialises in meditation and the benefits of being fully connected to our authentic selves. 

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Meredith graduated in Art History at the University of Colorado. She has been a lifelong lover of art and the metaphysical as well as a yogi for more than 20 years. Reiki attuned, a student of tarot and Native American animal medicine, and married to a Church of England priest, Meredith draws from varied traditions with an open heart and mind. She says, “I absolutely love where modern science and technology intersects with ancient wisdom as we inquire into the timeless questions of why we are here and what we are becoming moment to moment.”

Many of Meredith’s students work with her specifically to develop sustainable meditation practices to support their creative process and life transitions. Her personal mantra is ‘All is within’ and she is known as a teacher who brings the esoteric to the everyday.

Meredith created The Modern Meditation Movement in 2017 to provide a collection of practical and profound resources and insights specifically to redirect us to the vast resources available within us.  Lessons & courses, which draw from both ancient wisdom and modern science, are designed to imbue wisdom and techniques that can easily integrate within our complex modern lives.  The Modern Meditation Movement is also a place where we elevate conversation about what becomes possible for us as individuals and as a collective when we are connected to our higher selves.